Virtual Visit Conditions


- To avoid the delay in the start of the visit, we ask you try to access before the appointment time to check that both video and audio work correctly.

- When we send the e-mail to you with the link, we will also specify a password in case it is requested when you access.



- To avoid incompatibility issues, we recommend you access through a computer wired to the network and using the Firefox or Google Chrome browser with the latest version.

- You will need to give access permissions to the microphone and camera.



- If you can't use a computer and you have to access the video call in a smartphone or tablet, you may need to download an app to be able to join the video call. Check the platform section to find which app you'll need to install.

- Try to place the device on some flat surface and keep it stable.



- Try to be in a room with good light for better visibility, but without direct backlight.

- The professional may need to see you moving, so try to be in a room with space and be visible from the camera.

- If you have any reports, test result or images for the professional, you can send them to us before the visit.



- We use the Jitsi Meet platform ( to make the video call.

- This platform encrypts communications in video calls for better security and information is not stored on any server. At the end of the video call by both parties, the room disappears.

- On its website you will find the links to download the app on your Android or iPhone/iPad mobile device.

- If you use our service, you agree to its Privacy Policy.