Chronic pain

Chronic pain

Barcelona-Parkinson cares for patients with spinal pain, facial neuralgia, and other chronic pains

At Barcelona-Parkinson we also treat patients who are refractory to medications by means of innovative techniques of electrical stimulation.

What are the most common chronic pains?

The most common chronic pains are those of the spinal cord, such as lumbopathies or drug refractory cervicopathies, and even those from traumatic surgeries, and facial or neuropathic pains in general.

In Barcelona-ParkinsonĀ“s pain unit we treat pains related to chronic low back pain, trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathic pain in the legs (in diabetics), and chronic pain of different etiologies.

How can chronic pain be treated?

Chronic drug-resistant pain can be treated with peripheral electrical stimulation of the spinal cord and with electrical brain stimulation. In Barcelona-Parkinson we have extensive experience with these modern and novel techniques.