Electrical stimulation in patients with chronic pain

Electrical stimulation in patients with chronic pain

Lifestyle in urban societies has made to increase the incidence and prevalence of low back pain of the cervical in many people.

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Every day there are more people diagnosed with this type of pathologies, which implies in the first place, a decrease in the quality of life of those affected, and secondly a high consumption of healthcare resources and significant losses of working hours.

The standard for this type of Pathology treatments are treatments with drugs, especially opioids, which produce large effects and affect the quality of life of the patient.

Electrical stimulation points to an alternative for this type of patients. A neurostimulator is an electronic device not much larger than a watch. These electrodes are placed in the workplace causing pain, connected to a long battery life which is usually implanted in the lower part of the abdomen or buttocks.

The neurostimulator generates gentle electrical impulses reaching the next to the spinal epidural space by means of cables. In this way they prevent pain messages from reaching your brain.